mission accomplished

In  mid-June, we sold our big family house (sniff sniff).

We moved into a space with nothing. Floors and wall, that's it! No kitchen, no counters, no nuthin'. 

Well, except a piano. (This was taken after the floor had been cleared for cabinet installs and sanity.)

I hung stuff.

IKEA sent stuff. We went to IKEA (hello, Portland!).

We installed stuff. 
Sadly, the piano had to go. (Happily, a 5-kid family picked it up for freeeee!)

We met plumbers and Taskers.

 We did things with pipes.

Family professionals knocked windows in walls, painted, and built stuff.

Three months after the books were dropped in, the final "bigger" job: I drilled and installed the kitchen cupboard handles.
It's surprising how many months you can be fine opening cupboard doors without handles.

Everything works! We are official!

We still miss our big family house with the elk and the porch and the sunrises.

This works great for nomads. 

Only the little, non-functional tasks remain: ceiling light flush mounted, garage reorganized, rug added, kitchen  backsplash tiled.

Maybe next year.


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